Why Create a Student-Centered Classroom That Gets Results (1of 5)

Yesterday I posted a blog by Simply Skilled in Second by a 2nd grade teacher named Anna.  Her 3 Easy Steps to Streamline Your Guided Reading Instruction had me thinking.

(This is a 5 part blog that will help teachers implement the Answers to the following questions.  A, sort of, step-by-step guide on creating a student-centered classroom)


  • Why aren’t more teachers providing guided reading intervention to their students?
  • How do teachers differentiate without this practice?
  • Time, time and time.  How do teachers work smarter and NOT harder?
    •  Teachers are bombarded with responsibilities, more and more accountabilities, and expectations.  But, the school length stays the same. My good friend, Valinda Kimmel, writes about this in her blog post titled, Best New Year’s Resolution for Teachers in 2017: Do Less @ valindakimmel.com.


  • Daily Guided Reading Time
  • Daily 5 Literacy Framework
  • CAFE System
  • Student Involved Data Meetings

Daily Guided Reading Time Benefits

What is Guided Reading?  (small group instruction with like leveled readers that provides students with guided support in Comprehension, accuracy, fluency, and word work)

  • provides differentiation to students through leveled text, comprehension strategies, and vocabulary focus
  • Teacher is able to model for the small group so all students are focused on the skill
  • Provides guidance in a safe environment that encourages all students to try.
  • The small group gives the teacher the ability to monitor and hold all students accountable for their strengths and weaknesses
  • Gives each child the opportunity to share out, have engaging conversations with the teacher, and builds strong relationships.

Daily 5 Benefits

What is Daily 5? (A literacy framework that allows students the opportunity to choose from 5 Balanced Literacy Tasks to achieve their personal reading goals)

  • students develop independence, stamina, and accountability;
  • less time consumed by classroom management leaves more for instruction;
  • the framework adapts flawlessly to district-adopted curriculums and state mandates;
  • improves schoolwide literacy achievement; and
  • behaviors of independence transfer to other content areas

CAFE System Benefits

What is CAFE? (The CAFE System to assess, instruct, and monitor student progress. It provides tools for constructing group and individual lessons that provide just-in-time instruction, ensuring that all students reach their potential.)

  • establish and track the strengths and goals of each child by providing a structure for conferring;
  • organize assessment data and use it to inform instruction;
  • maximize time with students in whole-group, small-group, and one-on-one settings;
  • create flexible small groups focused on specific reading needs;
  • engage students, fostering ownership and accountability to reach goals; and
  • develop a common language to talk about reading development and proficiency.


Student Involved Data Meeting Benefits

What is Student Involved Data Meetings? (Student-Teacher discussion with the purpose of setting overall reading goals by instructing students on strategies and a focus.)

  • Student autonomy
  • Student accountability
  • developed problem solving skills
  • Improved overall reading abilities
  • working smarter, NOT harder

In my next post, I will focus on the Daily 5 Literacy Framework; how to get it started and how I have used it and have seen it used to increase student overall reading scores and classroom productivity.



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