Vocabulary is Making a Comeback  

After analyzing the students assessment results, we realized that vocabulary needed to make a comeback; we needed to immerse ourselves in vocabulary.  

The first step was to look back through the test- if this were a piece of text, I would have the students skim and collect new vocabulary. Since this was the test, we went back through and collected all the vocabulary that had any of my students questioning their comprehension. 

2. I placed each word on a notecard and gave each student a word. 

3. Thanks to Word Nerds  and Making Thinking Visible

* I told every student to look up their word in the dictionary and find a color that would symbolize their word’s definition. 

* each student stood up, said their word, defined their word in their own language and then explained why they chose the color they did.  

This gave all the students another opportunity to hear, see and connect to this new or unfamiliar word. 

4. Finally, I Challenged each table team to find a way to LINK each word together; in a sentence , paragraph or short story. 

* this gave them a chance to use the word correctly. 

FINALLY, the students then performed their ink for the class. 

 * Again, this was another chance for the students to hear  and see the word. 


Next steps: 


Quizlet ( free site with games and quizzes )

Word illustrations 

Word families

Word Blast

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