Students Experiencing Persuasion in the Real World

“John Doe, I’m going to need you to write a persuasive paper  in 36 lines, font size 12, and Style of Times N R.  This paper should convince me to use your product.”- Said No Boss Ever!!!

My objective was to try and get my students to understand, explain and write a persuasive paper with logical and emotional appeals.  BORING!!!!

So, to spice things up this became their challenge.

THE checklist for the project.

  1. Interview your mentor teacher for persuasive ideas.

  2. Create a ‘Billboard’ or poster that would spark intrigue.

  3. Research facts and statistics about your topic for logical support.

  4. Research opinions, images, and videos that will create emotional appeal.

  5. Put together a power point presentation that will convince a lower grade level to jump on your ‘bandwagon’.

  6. Create a flyer that will go home to parents that will inform their students of your presentation.

  7. Come up with three engagement strategies to help keep your audience’s attention.

  8. Conference with your teacher about your project before presenting.

This was the first project that my students were to accomplish this year that they actually felt overwhelmed.  This challenge was presented to them two weeks before their presentations were due for their audience.

As I gave the checklist and showed them my personal examples of the expected products, the student’s  jaws dropped but their eyes twinkled with the challenge.  They were stoked and excited to show everyone what they had.

How do you know your students are learning? 

They are engaged in their activity.

Accomplishing the tasks.

Asking the right people and the right questions when problems occur.

Solving their own questions and helping others accomplish.

In just two days, I was able to experience the learning mindset.  They were giddy with excitement, inquisitive with questions, and the room was overwhelmed with determination.  The students were working hard with their groups; problem solving and brainstorming.  I facilitated and encouraged students for two weeks. No behavior issues, no redirections- I was able to conference with many groups when nearing their finish line which gave me the chance to direct teach small groups with different concerns and questions.  By presentation day, The students had games, videos, exit ticket questions, CHAMPS expectations, and assignments for the students to complete while they presented.  They were serious about this challenge.

The best part of all, they were directing all this wonderful energy to their audience; 2nd graders, 4th graders or 5th graders.  They were speaking to real people about real things and doing an amazing job of persuading and appealing to their audience.  I was impressed. – I honestly, could not have done any better if I were assigned this project.

Now I have to ask myself, Do these students understand persuasive techniques?  Absolutely, and after watching their presentations, I don’t think they will ever look at a commercial, billboard, or magazine ad the same again.  In just two weeks these students have received experience in…




problem solving

speaking in front of an audience

appealing to their Audience

Technology; kahoot, power point, Word Processing




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