Character, Action, Character, Response

youtube For the Birds
youtube For the Birds
Strategy Cards
Strategy Cards

The day couldn’t have gone any better.  Its a Monday, and I felt like the class productivity level was at an all time high!!! What is going on?!  What was different?!


I did not stand in front of the class, drone on and on about our goals, our mission, and take them through a LOOOOONNNNGGGG whole group guided lesson to get them there.


Today’s ‘hook’ made such a huge difference.  For my Pre AP class, I read a trade book out loud; Stand Tall, Molly Lou Melon. This is one of my favorite books to pull out for any lesson. The character learns so much about her differences.  She stands tall despite being bullied.  My on level rotation, was able to enjoy a Pixar clip titled, For the Birds. This short clip has no words, but the facial expressions on these birds tell so much about what that are saying.  The students have to infer, use text evidence, and recognize plot elements to understand character in this short three minute clip.  Pixar short clips are such a great use in the classroom.

Reading Response Log
Reading Response Log
Student scanning the QR code for the listening station.
Student scanning the QR code for the listening station.


The students were able to try out their new reading strategy for character analysis on there own for 60 minutes.  They were able to read to someone, read to themselves, and listen to reading with the new QR scanned recordings from last weeks’ fluency recordings.

Throughout the day, the students filled out either a dialectical journal or a Reading Response Log with the new C,A,C,R,L strategy.


If they needed my help, all they had to do was raise their hand to receive one on one attention from me.

By the end of the week, by the time we take our short cycle assessment on character and plot elements, the students will read 12 different trade books about character overcoming obstacles, practice the strategy 12 times and conference with the teacher.

Reading to someone
Reading to someone

The combination of the strategy cards, the QR listening station, and the different rotations within the classroom time, will hopefully give them everything they need to be successful!!! Keep your fingers crossed!

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