Homemade Listening Station

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Teaching the same group of kids for the last three years has challenged me to come up with some new and exciting classroom opportunities.  My most recent challenge has been trying to get sixth graders to have meaningful and challenging reading experiences. The most important thing is to bring in purpose.

I know reading aloud and listening to reading improves fluency. I know that choice is important if you want students to feel excited about learning. I know that trade books give my students choice and authentic reading opportunities. * Thank you, Penny Kittle and The 2 Sisters

Lately, I have seen a lot of technology come into the classroom; Twitter, blogging. I wanted to do the same. So, I have my students responding to their reading through their blog posts on kidblog.org

Check us out at…

I wanted to be able to bring in some kind of technology to help the listening station become meaningful and exciting.


This free site is online, and as soon as you record your voice the system gives you saving options.  You can have students save the recording, send it to their parents to listen, or turn it into a QR code.

I admit I am not the most tech savvy person out there, so if I can do this- you can do this too.

 My updated meaningful, authentic, listening station was made!

I asked my students to choose a trade book; mostly fiction for this time around. Then, they practiced reading it out loud to themselves using whisper phones, whisper voices or even a recording device on the iPods in the classroom. – micpro

 I wanted the students to feel comfortable recording themselves. I wanted them to feel confident because I wanted that confidence to come across in the recording.

The students then plugged their microphones into the computers, recorded their voices, after recording they saved it and  turned them into QR codes. We printed two sets of each code.

I took a picture of the students holding the book that they recorded, and we turned them into a bulletin board in the classroom. I took the other code, cut it out and glued it into the front cover of my trade books, so the students can use the recordings during their listening stations!!!

I believe this can change a classroom!!!! I believe this will change a students performance. It WILL change a student’s fluency level and any English language learners’ listening, reading and speaking abilities. If you have a struggling reader in your classroom they need to be doing this!!!!

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