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 This week the students JUST started collaborating together again since their LOOONG summer break. After a few days getting used to expectations and the sticker shock of Pre AP, the students were asked to Blog their writing expectations.  Most of my students were used to the IPads, some new students weren’t even aware we would have access to IPads and two or three had NEVER experienced this kind of technology. 

After reviewing the ACE expectations, a short guided lesson and time to talk, the students had the opportunity to write for a “real” audience; their peers . The blog account I used was Kidblog and so far it has truly been easy to manipulate, FREE and simple to get a class set up. 

The kids quickly scanned the QR code , logged on and started responding to the prompt. Their books were open , their notes were nearby and they were typing away. For thirty minutes the students felt as if they were responding NOT to their teacher for an assignment but to their peers . 

The responses I got were humorous , clever and on target. I could not have been more pleased. After reviewing and commenting on individual blog responses, the students will be able to comment and add reflections to their classmates blog posts. THIs is going to be a great year for authentic, genuine writing!


1 thought on “Blog Response 

  1. Kidblog is my favorite website! I can’t wait to set up my class this year. Maybe some 6th graders would like to teach my second graders how to write a blog post?

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