Strength Finder

this new school year we were encouraged to take the strength finder quiz and note our top five strengths for all to see on our email signature. It is a little daunting to imagine thAt my “strengths” would be sitting below my signature on every email for everyone I work side by side with; parents, teachers, administration could read or even judge. 

Relator- my top strength shows that close relationships mean a lot to me, and that I value these relationships. This explains my Very small group of friends. I value quality NOT quantity.

Significance- I’m not sure if I am supposed to be embarrassed or proud of this one. This quality means that I do this because I want what I do to make a difference. I became a teacher to change the world, to inspire and encourage the students / parents that I teach every year. This does not mean I need a pat on the back for a job well done, it just means I value my work VERY much.

Futuristic- this quality goes hand in hand with the last; I look at what I do in futuristic terms. Why and I doing this? To make a difference later in the lives of my students. This also could explain why I am always looking at tomorrow and not focusing on the right now. 

Achiever- no kidding! I believe this is a genetic quality passed down from my mother. I wouldn’t be surprised if both my sisters had this one on their top five. I am a very task oriented, driven person. Some would call it Workaholic.

There wasn’t a quality that surprised me, I wasn’t disappointed in my results, I’m just not sure what to do with them now. I guess it tells me what I’m good at and who I should work with to help compliment my own strengths. 

I work with two men that have Empathy as one of their top 5- hope that comes in handy down the road. 

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